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November 2023 Newsletter

The first frost of fall is often not a clear-cut event, but kind of a process. As morning temperatures flirt with freezing, low-lying areas can bristle with white crystals while other areas are unaffected. Frost-sensitive plants can sometimes weather multiple such “events” with few ill-effects, while hardy plants located in “frost pockets” suffer damage. Ultimately, […]

March Newsletter:The Arrival of Spring

As a native of city and suburb, growing up amid neighborhood blocks, anonymous cul-de-sacs and cookie-cutter strip malls, I always found the idea of rootedness, of belonging to and having a special relationship with and understanding of a particular piece of ground, to be especially attractive and compelling. The mythic family farm, with succeeding generations […]

November 2022 Newsletter

The beginning of November heralds the traditional end-of-season at Hutchins—fields settle down under their blanket of green cover crop for a winter’s rest, leaves flake off the suddenly exposed branches of trees, settling in rusty heaps wherever the wind deposits them. November is a transition period, when frosty mornings, sun-soaked afternoons, and blustery evenings can […]

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