November 2022 Newsletter

The beginning of November heralds the traditional end-of-season at Hutchins—fields settle down under their blanket of green cover crop for a winter’s rest, leaves flake off the suddenly exposed branches of trees, settling in rusty heaps wherever the wind deposits them. November is a transition period, when frosty mornings, sun-soaked afternoons, and blustery evenings […]

2022 Bulk Order Sign Up & Season Closing Day at the Stand

2022 Bulk Order Sign Up & Season Closing Day at the Stand Cool nights bordering on outright cold have finally arrived, and with them the turning leaves and the dwindling daylight. It’s that time of the year again when our thoughts turn to roasting vegetables, warm soups and pies, and about how fleeting this […]

September 2022 Newsletter: Concord Ag Day!

Veggie Racer ready for action! Is fall finally in the air? Will the promised rain actually arrive today? Maybe we have finally turned the corner and left the intense heat of this year’s summer behind us? It feels like fall is truly here, and this time of year reflects the best that New England […]

August 2022 Newsletter: Hot and Dry – Here comes the Tomatoes!

High summer has arrived, somehow, it’s August: How long ago was it we were waiting on summer squash and now we’re rolling into August’s tomato bounty? Feels like both an eternity and just a minute at the same time. Strawberries and peas have come and gone, the early season greens that we waited with […]

May 2022 Newsletter: Opening Day for the Farmstand!

Despite some temperature spikes, some gale force winds, and some seed shortages, spring in Concord has been remarkably benign. A slow warm up meant that daffodils, tulips, lilacs and fruit trees put on an extended show, finally brought to an end by a couple unseasonably hot days—but now we’re back to glorious spring weather. […]

March 2022 Newsletter: Spring has arrived!

Spring has blown in on late March winds, thickening the twigs, with the innocuous flowers of the early blooming trees suddenly appearing, looking like they’ve been there all winter just waiting to be noticed. Along south-facing walls, drifts of snowdrops bloom, and showy purple crocuses erupt from the midst of lawns newly revealed from […]

November 2021 Newsletter: Thank you all for a great season!

October ended with a round of weather that has become familiar to us this season: multi-day, multiple inch rain events, swollen rivers threatening to flood, roads becoming rivers. It’s easier to accept now than it was in early July, but still–what a contrast from last year’s unending blue skies and dust!As the season ends, […]

October 2021 Newsletter: Closing Day will be October 31st!

The sun is setting on another growing season in Eastern Massachusetts, though summer seems reluctant to make a graceful departure. Cool, fog obscured mornings that seem to speak quietly of autumn think better of it by mid-morning—a little taste of fall each morning retreats and the brilliant blue days revert to endless summer. Unlike […]

Next Weekend: Concord Ag Day

Maybe we have finally turned the corner and left the intense summer heat behind us? It feels like September is truly in the air, and this time of year reflects the best that New England has to offer: our crop variety and abundance are on the increase and the gamut of summer and fall […]

Tomato Time: August 2021 Newsletter

Something in the air changes this time of year, maybe it’s the sunlight, or maybe it’s the panic as our school bound employees begin to leave us for bookbags and far-flung destinations? August marks the midway point for Hutchins’ sales season, and as usual, a changing of the crews – we bid farewell to […]