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Bulk order sign up 2023

Just a brief note to let you all know that we are now accepting orders for selected storage vegetables in bulk quantities. Please see the end of this email for a link to our order form—just follow the prompts to sign up for the following:

50 lb bags of potatoes for $50 each. Potatoes are bagged unwashed for maximum storage potential. We are offering the following varieties: We still have some: PLEASE EMAIL

Carola—long-time flavorful favorite with yellow skin and bright yellow flesh, firm and waxy potatoes excel for roasting, salads, and hold together well when boiled.
KennebecThe Maine potato boasts excellent storage potential. With buff skin, white flesh, this all-around winner makes a lovely baker, good mashed, excellent fried, an all-purpose potato par excellence.
Peter Wilcox—Newer variety with purplish skin and golden yellow flesh, this one has quickly established itself as a farm favorite. Firm texture with earthy, nutty flavor, good keeper. Lehigh—New release has yellow skin, light yellow flesh, excellent storage potential, and large average size. Superb, all-purpose cooking characteristics.

20 lb bags sweet potatoes for $37 each. SOLD OUT Sweet potatoes are unwashed for better storage. At our discretion the variety will either be “Covington” or “Mahon Yam” both varieties have smooth, sweet, orange flesh and quite similar.

25 lb bags of washed carrots for $35 each – We still have some: PLEASE EMAIL

Please remember we fill bulk order requests in the order in which they were received – if you are lower on our list there is less of a chance we will be able to fulfill your request. We have limited quantities!

When we fill your order, we will email you that it is ready for pick up – please wait for your email confirming we were able to fill your order before trying to pick up. If we are unable to fill your order you will also get an email letting you know! Payment is due at pick up.

Pick ups will occur the last week we are open for the season: October 24th – October 31st. If you are unable to pick up this week, or would like us to bring your order into a farmers market location, please email us at to make arrangements.

For best results, store potatoes in a cool, dark place above freezing. Heat promotes sprouting, light causes the potatoes to turn green and bitter. Store sweet potatoes above 50 degrees in an area with moderate humidity—they can keep well into next spring under the right conditions. Carrots should be stored in cold (slightly above freezing) temperatures at high humidity if possible.

Link to our order form is HERE Please email to place an order!

Thank you, and happy October! We hope to see you soon at the farmstand, or at the markets! -Brian, Liza, and the Hutchins Farm Crew  
Potato harvest!
Lots of Potatoes!
Brian with the potato digger
Bulk order sign up 2023
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