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Baystate Organic Certifiers
Baystate Organic Certifiers is a USDA National Organic Program accredited certifying agent that certifies farm operations in the Northeast United States, and processing operations anywhere in the continental United States. They certify Growers and Livestock Producers in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, New York and New Jersey.

Belmont Farmers’ Market
Located in the municipal parking lot in Belmont Massachusetts, at the intersection of Cross St. & Channing Rd., behind the stores on Leonard St. Open Thursdays, June through October.

Mass Farmers’ Markets
The Federation of Mass Farmers Markets is a non-profit organization. Their mission is to partner with farmers, consumers, and communities to foster, enhance and sustain farmers market in Massachusetts in order to improve regional farm viability, consumer nutrition, and community social and economic development.

Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA)
The Northeast Organic Farming Association is a non-profit organization of nearly 5,000 farmers, gardeners, and consumers working to promote healthy food, organic farming practices, and a cleaner environment. NOFA has chapters in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont.

Northeast Organic Farming Association/Massachusetts Chapter
NOFA/Mass is a community including farmers, gardeners, landscapers and consumers working to educate members and the general public about the benefits of local organic systems based on complete cycles, natural materials, and minimal waste for the health of individual beings, communities and the living planet.

Real Organic Project
An add-on label to USDA certified organic to provide more transparency on organic farming practices. The Real Organic Project was started by farmers to protect the meaning of organic. Real Organic Farmers grow food in the soil, not hydroponically. Real Organic Farmers raise livestock on pasture, not in confinement. The organization’s mission is to grow people’s understanding of foundational organic values and practices; crops grown in soil and livestock raised on pasture are fundamental to organic farming.

Union Square Farmers’ Market
Located on the Union Square Plaza in Somerville Massachusetts. Open Saturdays, June through October.

USDA: National Organic Program
USDA’s National Organic Program regulates the standards for any farm, wild crop harvesting, or handling operation that wants to sell an agricultural product as organically produced.

Dishing Up The Dirt
One of our wonderful former employees maintains a personal blog about cooking great seasonal produce, and other farming fun in Hood River Oregon.

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