What is currently at the farmstand, last updated 9/18/2021 at 4:50 pm

Yes we grow all our own produce and seedlings and it’s all certified organic! If something isn’t from us, or isn’t certified, it will be clearly labeled!

No lettuce this weekend unfortunately- we’re in a gap between plantings. Very sorry! Hope to be into the next planting on Tuesday.

Greens and Herbs:
-Dandelion Greens

-Japanese Turnips
-Purple Top Turnips
-Daikon Radish
-Watermelon Radish

-Yellow Cooking Onions
-Red Onions

-Apples (Jonafree, Early Liberty, Priscilla, and Gala)
-Second quality apples by the bag
-‘Select’ quality apples by the bag
-Red fleshed Watermelon

Winter Squash:
-Sugar Dumpling
-Cinnamon Girl Pie Pumpkins
-Orange Kabocha
-Winter Sweet
-Red Kuri

-Peter Wilcox
-Yukon Gem
-Caribou Russet

Hot Peppers:
-Yellow/Red Cayenne
-Santa Fe
-Carolina Reaper

-Fairytale Eggplant
-Mini Italian Eggplant
-Italian and Asian Eggplant (Bulk Sale!)
-‘Green’ Sweet Bell Peppers
-Ripe Sweet Peppers
-Shishito Peppers
-Cherry Tomatoes
-Salad Tomatoes
-Green Beans
-Romano Beans
-Wax Beans
-Kossak Kohlrabi

Bunched Cut Flowers:
-Dried bouquets (aka everlasting bouquets)
-Straight bunches

Pick-your-own Herbs right below the farmstand!
(by the pound)
-Garlic Chives

McEnroe Organic Farm in Millerton, NY
-SALE: $6/bag: Bagged Compost (Regular price $10/bag)

Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays Only: Iggys Bakery in Cambridge, MA (some organic ingredients, not certified):
-Assorted breads

Codman Farm in Lincoln MA (Organic methods, not certified):
-Assorted frozen meats
– Eggs

Mycoterra Organic Farm in S. Deerfield Ma:
-Shiitake Mushrooms

Silferleaf Organic Farm in Concord, MA:
-Raspberry Jam
-Sweet Raspberry Vinegar

Soluna Garden Organic Farm in Winchester, MA:
-Spice Mixes

Kitchen Garden Organic Farm in Sunderland, MA:

Boston Honey Company in Holliston, MA: (not certified)
-Honey (a tiny bit comes from hives at Hutchins Farm!)