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Produce Information

Hutchins Farm Produce Calendar (PDF)
The PDF file above represents our best guess as to when our various crops will be available during the season. Because of the nature of our business, the availability of any and all items is subject to a variety of forces beyond our control, so the calendar should not be treated as a guarantee. The yellow boxes indicate limited or tentative availability, usually at the beginning or end of a crop’s natural season, the green boxes indicate that the crop is normally abundant at that time.

Hutchins Farm Storage Guidelines (PDF)
Some good winter storage guidelines to keep in mind.

Hutchins Farm Plant Catalog 2024 (PDF)
The PDF above represents our expected plant offerings for sale at the farmstand for the coming season, complete with brief variety descriptions, notes on cultivation, expected price, and season of availability. We are unlikely to successfully produce everything on the list, for a variety of reasons, so bear in mind that not all items may be available during the specified season or at all, and supplies are limited for all items.

The vast majority of our vegetable and herb plants are grown from seed or cuttings taken from our own ‘mother’ plants and are certified organic by Baystate Organic Certifiers. A few varieties of herbs are bought in as rooted cuttings from Hillcrest Nursery, an organic greenhouse operation in Maryland, and are likewise Certified Organic. A few of our ornamental plant offerings may not qualify for Organic Certification because of seed pelletizing material or other considerationsthese plants will be clearly market ‘Not Organic.’ The varieties and species we sell are all farmtested (unless specified) for best flavor, reliability, yield and/or other traits that we find important. Many of these ‘professional grower’ varieties are not to be found at typical garden centers because of the high seed cost.


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