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Our Mission

All our activities at Hutchins Farm are informed by a profound respect for the land, the people who work the land, and our community of customers. Our commitment to sustainability is threefold—a desire to sustain ourselves and those who work with us with a vibrant, viable economic enterprise; to sustain the land we cultivate through responsible practices and a sense of stewardship; to sustain our customers by growing and selling only the freshest, most flavorful, most healthful produce available. We hope and trust that our commitment will serve, in some way, to help sustain the larger communities to which we belong.

In practical terms, this means:

– We will continue to farm according to the organic rule and maintain organic certification for our products

– We will sell only very fresh, high quality fruits and vegetables of varieties selected primarily for flavor

– Any product we sell that we didn’t grow will meet our high standards for quality, sustainability, and the importance of local community

– We will maintain our production at a scale appropriate to our goals, our mission, and the ability of the land to produce

– We will continue to seek new and intriguing varieties, crops and products that conform to our philosophy

– We will promote a greater understanding of issues surrounding food and agriculture, including cultural, social, economic, environmental, political, nutritional, and technological

– We will continue to experiment with new and promising techniques to help move the farm toward a fuller expression of our mission

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