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Hutchins Farm Closing Date and Bulk Orders 2014

This brief e-mail is the official announcement that our annual signup for bulk carrot and potato bags begins today, Sunday the 5th. As usual, carrots will be available in 25 lb bags, and we have such an abundant and beautiful crop this fall that we’ve decided to drop our price back down to $25.  Potatoes will be available in 50 lb bags for $40. You can either sign up in person at the farmstand, or you can e-mail us.  For carrots, simply let us know how many bags you would like to reserve.  For potatoes, please let us know if you prefer white potatoes (Kennebec) or yellow potatoes (we will supply either Carola or Keuka Gold based on supplies), and let us know if we can substitute if we’re out of your first choice. Please remember that preferences are not guaranteed!  Supplies of all products are limited, and orders will be filled in the same sequence they were received. If we reach your name on the list and have run out of your first choice potato, but you have not indicated that substitutions are ok, you will not receive any potatoes. We will contact you in late October to let you know when and if your order has been filled. Bags can be picked up during the last week of October or by special arrangement.

We also have bumper crops of other items suitable for storage including beets, cabbage, and winter squash for which we may be offering volume discounts while they are plentiful during October—call or stop in for details.

We will be closing for the season on Sunday, November 2nd at 5PM, but will likely be able to maintain a small self-serve produce display through Thanksgiving. Please check our website for updates. Thank you all for shopping with us this season – we hope to see you this month as we say goodbye to the growing season, and hello to winter’s rest!

Hutchins Farm Closing Date and Bulk Orders 2014

6 thoughts on “Hutchins Farm Closing Date and Bulk Orders 2014

  1. If possible, I’d like to order a 20 or 25 lb bag of unwashed potatoes (Liza mentioned unwashed store better). First choice would be Peter Wilcox; second choice would be one of the yellows you mentioned. I dont have good storage in my present place for larger amounts. Thanks!

    1. Hello Mary, please email as per the instructions in order to sign up- We will only be taking orders on 50lb bags of potatoes – 5lb, 10lb, and possibly 20lb bags will be available for purchase in the farmstand on a first come, first serve basic only. Peter Wilcox potatoes are not available in bulk.

    1. Hello Jess, please email as per the instructions in order to sign up- Currently large beets are on sale a the farmstand for a dollar per pound. Winter Squash is not currently on sale, but that may change as we move into late October. Please call the farmstand for more details.

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