Farmstand opening Sat, June 7th for the season!

Our official farmstand opening will be this Saturday the 7th of June, at which point self-serve sales of produce will be discontinued.  We’ll open (as usual) each day at 11AM, close at 6PM, and the stand will be closed all day on Mondays. Although the weather has warmed somewhat, many crops are lagging behind where they ‘should’ be.  Lettuce will be abundant for the foreseeable future, with spinach, arugula, radishes and cilantro somewhat less so.  We will continue to pick asparagus and green garlic for about another week after we open, and chard, parsley, kale, escarole, endive, and basil should be in evidence our opening weekend or shortly thereafter.  Alas we won’t see the earliest strawberries (usually our signal to open for the season) until a good week after we open.  Other arrivals to expect by mid-month include summer squash, cucumbers, purslane, and perhaps some peas and beets.  Plant sales have been strong, and our selection has been picked over, but we still have some tomatoes (with a few more to come this weekend), eggplant, peppers, hot peppers, and a miscellaneous smattering of other plants.  New herb plants will continue to appear this month, as will another round of broccoli and cabbage, and some cauliflower for the ambitious gardener. Please check our website for more (but not perfectly) up-to-date information about our selection.

As we embark on another season-long adventure in agriculture, intrepidly pursuing our elusive quarry: an uninterrupted, plentiful supply of beautiful, delicious, fresh fruits and vegetables grown without chemicals or compromise, we hope you will find time to stop by to share in the fruits (and vegetables) of our efforts.

Brian Cramer
Farm Manager
Hutchins Farm

Farmstand opening Sat, June 7th for the season!
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