view in may

Around the farm, May 2015

asparagusMay 4th – Getting closer!

strawberriesMay 8th – Strawberries are blooming!

kalemayMay 11th – Overwintered kale today on the porch!

apple blossomsMay 14th – Apple trees blooming.

cukesmayMay 15th – Cukes in the ground!

greenhousemayMay 17th – greenhouse full of seedlings

central2015May 18th – It’s the first Central Square Farmers’ Market of the season!

asparagusbucketMay 21st – Another day, another bucket…

gordsudangrassMay 24th – Gordon seeding sorghum sudangrass – a covercrop to increase the organic matter in our soil.

irrigationMay 28th – A beautiful rainbow while irrigating the carrots and beets!

lettucemayMay 30th – Lettuce planting while dreaming about rain.

Around the farm, May 2015
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