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Hutchins Farm is opening on Saturday May 25th

We usually use the first ripening strawberries as our cue to open the farmstand, but the relatively cool spring weather has delayed them this year. We’re ready to open, strawberries or no, so if you visit us this weekend, you’ll find our doors open with limited hours (11-4), with an admittedly slim selection of produce, including spinach, lettuce, arugula, radishes, asparagus, and possibly some rhubarb and Swiss chard. Much more diverse will be our offering of garden plants-primarily herbs and vegetables, but also a few flowering plants. Our vegetable varieties are tried and true for our climate, and unlike garden centers who are in the business of selling plants, and therefore prioritize growing varieties with low cost seed, we’re in the business of selling produce, so we spend more for the best, most productive, most flavorful, most reliable varieties, and we grow some extra plants for our customers who garden. The eagerly anticipated strawberries haven’t yet begun to blush, but may make an appearance by the beginning of June-check our website or Facebook page for the most up to date information.

       For this first weekend-both Saturday and Sunday-our hours will be 11 to 4. We’ll be closed the following Monday-although we will be attending the Central Square Farmer’s Market from 12-6 on that day-but on Tuesday will revert to our usual farmstand hours: 11-6 each day except Mondays, when we’re closed. We’ve been laying the groundwork for this season since February, with five plantings of lettuce already in the ground, along with two seedings of carrots and beets, three of spinach, our first tomatoes (with the second, larger planting ready to go in at any moment), and lots of other crops in a loosely choreographed and largely improvised ballet of field preparation, greenhouse work and planting that won’t let up for a couple months yet. A scruffier ballet troupe you’re unlikely to find, but we hope you find the time to come by frequently enough to sample our ever-changing repertoire-attendance is free, but you’ve got to pay if you want to take home some vegetables.

We hope to see you soon!

Brian Cramer
Farm Manager

Hutchins Farm is opening on Saturday May 25th
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