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2022 Bulk Order Sign Up

We are offering bulk storage orders again for the 2022 season!

Please remember we fill bulk order requests in the order in which they were received – if you are lower on our list there is less of a chance we will be able to fulfill your request. We have limited quantities!

When we fill your order, we will email you that it is ready for pick up – please wait for your email confirming we were able to fill your order before trying to pick up. If we are unable to fill your order you will also get an email letting you know!  Pick ups will occur the last week we are open for the season: October 24th – October 30th. If you are unable to pick up this week, or would like us to bring your order into a farmers market location, please email us at to make arrangements.

This year we are offering:
-50 pound bags of unwashed potatoes for $50. Potato varieties available include old favorites Kennebec (white skin/white flesh) and Carola (yellow skin/yellow flesh)(sold out of Carola) along with rising stars Peter Wilcox (purple skin/yellow flesh) and Lehigh (yellow skin/light yellow flesh).

-Carrots (washed) will be provided in 25 lb bags at a cost of $30 each.

-Beets (washed) will also be in 25 lb bags, also for $30. (sold out)

Sweet potatoes will be one of two varieties (Covington or Mahon Yam, similar varieties, at our discretion), offered in 20 lb bags of unwashed roots for $40 each. (Sold out)

Please use our online form via this LINK. UPDATE 10/31: We still have bulk Carrots available and some 50# bags of Potatoes – please email us at to make arrangements.

2022 Bulk Order Sign Up
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