Apple varieties currently in the farmstand

We have the following apple varieties in good supply as of 10/8/11 available at the farm stand. Here are some descriptions to help you choose!

Gala: small to medium. Extremely crisp/crunchy sweet and flavorful. Great eating. Excellent storage for 3 months with refrigeration.

Macoun: A crisper, crunchier, more aromatic, less tart McIntosh type. Great eating.

Liberty: Crisp and juicy. A bit tart – similar to Macoun. Very good eating.  Good baking and sauce.

Empire: Firmer, slighty sweeter McIntosh type.  Great eating. Very good baking and sauce. Stores very well for 3-4 months in fridge.

Spencer: A McIntosh and Golden Delicious cross. Crisp and juicy. Medium to large sized. Nicely sweet-tart. Excellent eating, very good baking and sauce. Stores 3-4 months. (Gordie’s favorite)

Jonagold: A Golden Delicious and Jonathan cross, but better than either.  Crisp, juicy, sweet-tart, loaded with flavor. Large sized.  Stores 3-4 months. Great eating and cooking.

Senshu: Sweet, crisp and flavorful.  Same parentage as Fujii but an earlier apple.  Excellent eating.  Stores for 3-4 months. Don’t be put off by its appearance.

Sister of Fortune: (aka NY428) Cross of Empire and Spy.  Firm with McIntosh flavor.  Excellent eating.  Super flavorful cooking.  (Andrea’s favorite)

We have more varieties available, but not a constant supply so they are not  listed here.  Come visit us!

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