We've got eggs!

We are thrilled to be able to offer some of Pete and Jen’s fresh eggs at the farmstand. Located in Concord, Pete and Jen’s Backyard Birds is a small scale local grower of  pasture-raised,  meat and layer chickens, pigs, sheep, and a few rabbits. The hens free-range on fresh pastures with access to a large mobile coop on a farm wagon which is moved around the field on a weekly basis allowing the birds consistent access to fresh grass and forage. The chickens are fed a diet of vegetarian grains from Green Mountain Feeds – a certified organic feed company located in Vermont. Occasionally Pete and Jen feed the birds alfalfa, kelp for minerals, oyster shells for hard egg shells, and grit (granite bits) to assist their digestion.  A carton of eggs contains a mixture of sizes and colors, including an occasional blue egg from their Araucana chickens, light brown and dark chocolate brown eggs. Each carton contains a “nest run” – a mixture of ungraded and unique sizes and shapes. We welcome folks to return clean cartons for reuse.

We hope you all will enjoy these tasty eggs!

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