Hutchins Farm is opening on Saturday May 25th

We usually use the first ripening strawberries as our cue to open the farmstand, but the relatively cool spring weather has delayed them this year. We’re ready to open, strawberries or no, so if you visit us this weekend, you’ll find our doors open with limited hours (11-4), with an admittedly slim selection of […]

Hutchins Farm April 2013 Newsletter

From last spring to this, two more different seasons you could hardly find (unless they were summer and winter).  Of the two, we decidedly prefer the measured pace of this year’s warm up over last year’s headlong rush into summer.  We are pleased to report that over the last several weeks we entered into […]

End of Season 2012 Newsletter

Although mild weather allowed us to offer a larger than usual variety of vegetables self-serve on the porch this fall, temperatures are staying lower and veggies are getting scarcer–most likely, if you stop by you’ll only see carrots, but more on that later. You, our customers, are ultimately the judges of how successful a […]

October Newsletter

Frosty mornings, wind-tossed leaves, adding and shedding layers of clothes each day—all are signs that the season is coming to an end.  Our plantings of tomatoes, peppers and eggplant are still standing, but are dead and black as if last week’s frost had literally burned them.  Bleached corn stalks rattle in the breeze.  Long […]

Hutchins Farm August Newsletter

Mid-August marks the midpoint of our season: halfway from the strawberry stained days of June when we try to make the newly opened, mostly empty farmstand look a little less barren; halfway to the dwindling days of October when we try to find enough space in the crowded farmstand for all the produce still […]

Hutchins Farm May Newsletter

Warm weather and timely rains have collaborated to rush our season, and as our strawberries have therefore begun to ripen at an unprecedentedly early date, we must comply by opening our doors beginning tomorrow, Friday, May 25th. Unfortunately, certain other factors, most notably a bad batch of soil mix, have conspired to delay certain […]

Hutchins Farm March Newsletter

Since the calendar says March, spring must be here, but I feel as though I’m still waiting for winter.  Nevertheless, my first greenhouse seedings (onion, leek, artichoke, lettuce, broccoli, herbs) have germinated handsomely and I feel the rhythms of the season begin to accelerate—the lento of winter brightening to the andante of spring, ultimately […]

Hutchins Farm November Newsletter

We have finally crossed that invisible, magical line from the ‘season’ to the ‘off-season’.  Each year, we step over with a confusing combination of reluctance, regret, and relief.  Although we are blessed with productive land, reasonably moderate weather, an energetic and enthusiastic crew, and useful and appropriate equipment, the stress of keeping up season-long […]

Hutchins Farm October Newsletter

Another summer passes, another October arrives—‘harvest’ season it’s called, but of course we have been harvesting steadily since May.  The continuing warm weather has helped keep our summer crops producing—tomatoes are still available, as are, more sporadically, eggplant, peppers, squash and corn—but the shorter days have slowed everything down, and continual wet weather makes […]

Hutchins Farm Opens Saturday

Although we traditionally open when we first begin to pick strawberries, the strawberries appear to be a little tardy this year—so we’re going to open up without them.  We’ll begin our usual hours on Saturday, June 4th, opening at 11 AM and closing at 6 PM.  We will, as always, be closed on […]