Around the farm 8/18/12

The Crew hauled up quite a load of watermelons! Enjoy them now while they are at their peak!

Around the farm 8/1/12

Well, it’s August, and that means:



The Wall

The rebuilding of the historic wall that supports Monument Street by the farm is finished! We appreciate the quick work of all parties involved with the reconstruction. Everyone involved has been considerate of our customers and accommodating to the needs of our farm. Specifically we would like to thank Concord’s Department of Public […]

Around the farm 7/10/12

Guess what got pulled up today? That’s right- GARLIC!

Around the farm 7/6/12

Holy Cucumbers! We are inundated! NOW is the time to make pickles- don’t wait till the fall (when production is limited.) Take advantage of our pickling cukes special at the farm stand or farmers’ markets!

Around the farm 6/29/12

Around the farm 6/23/12

view from one of the orchards

Brian's Garlic Top (Scape) Pesto


1 Bunch Garlic Tops (about 1/3#)

¼ cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil

¼ cup Finely Grated Parmesan Cheese

¼ cup Shelled Peanuts (or other oily nuts/seeds)

Combine oil and peanuts in food processor bowl—pulse until smooth. Coarsely chop garlic tops and add to oil/peanut mixture. Add cheese and process to desired […]

Around the farm 5/31/12

Around the farm 5/17/12