Around the farm 7/31/13

Corn is here!

Tomato stringing time!

Around the farm 7/24/13

This morning’s chard harvest

Around the farm 7/19/13

It’s pretty hot out, but Ramon sure looks happy to be harvesting garlic! It’s drying now, but look for some fresh garlic at the farmstand, and dried garlic in a few weeks!

Around the farm 7/12/13

Morning harvest…

Green beans on their way to the farmstand!

Around the farm 7/2/13

Sunflowers to brighten the day!

Around the farm 6/27/13

Summer Squash is coming in!

Beets too!

Around the Farm 6/25/13

Awesome picture from Andy’s phone -taken two weeks ago after a rain storm


Opening Day!

Opening Weekend!

We’re open today and Sunday 11am-4pm, but closed on Monday. Then we are back to our regular schedule of  Tuesday-Sunday (11am-6pm). Come on over and say hello!

Around the farm 5/16/13

One of our cover crops of crimson clover is blooming. The bees will be happy! The white apple orchard in the background is covered in kaolin clay that John puts on early in the season to discourage insects.

Lots could happen, but so far we are optimistic!

Around the farm 4/1/13

prop house is filling up – look at those babies grow!