Hutchins Farm October Newsletter

For those of you who simply want to know about our closing date and sign-up sheets for bulk produce without reading a whole lot of blather, you can skip to the penultimate, pertinent paragraph which begins with a sentence in BOLD CAPITALS.

Although it has yet to cool down, the shorter days and changing […]

Around the farm 10/2/13

Everyone’s favorite root – the Sweet Potato! They are making their season debut at the farmstand today. We have a great crop this year!

Growing our certified organic apples at Hutchins Farm

Growing our certified organic apples at Hutchins Farm

     Many of our customers have been asking for more information about how we grow our organic apples. We hope this answers a few questions, and gives you some insight into the challenges of organic farming!

      The variable, unpredictable weather of […]

Around the farm 9/21/13

Picking beans all afternoon! We’re fully stocked at the farmstand with green, wax, and romano beans!

Around the farm 9/14/13

And just like that, Fall arrived! Jack-o-lanterns, pie pumpkins, winter luxury pumpkins, baby bear pie pumpkins, delicata, and sweet dumplings are taking over the farmstand!

Thank You!

Thanks for a great Concord “Ag” Weekend everyone! We appreciate everyone who came out to the annual farmers’ market in town to show their support, and all those who make the trip out to the farm all season long! We wouldn’t be here without you! Thank you!

Concord Ag Day is tomorrow!

Concord Ag Day is tomorrow! We will be down in Concord center right on Main Street for the annual farmers’ market: 10am to 2pm. Please come by and say hello to us, and our fellow Concord farmers! If you can’t make it, the farm stand is open usual hours 11am – 6pm.

Our apologies […]

Around the farm 8/29/13

Guess what Hutchins’ favorite is making their season debut at the farm stand today? Galas, Early Macouns, and Novamacs are all here! (this lovely tree is a Gala)

More fall crops are starting to appear!

Around the farm 8/24/13

Why is the field crew reading “Self Magazine”? Former crew member Andrea Bemis’ cooking blog is featured in the September issue!  Check out her recipes at Self Magazine, and on her blog

Around the farm 8/11/13

Protecting lettuce is hard work- deer fence is going up!

The secret ingredient behind our tough crew? Radishes!