Around the farm, May 2015

May 4th – Getting closer!

May 8th – Strawberries are blooming!

May 11th – Overwintered kale today on the porch!

May 14th – Apple trees blooming.

May 15th – Cukes in the ground!

May 17th – greenhouse full of seedlings

Around the farm, April 2015

April 7th – Overwintered parsnips!

April 13th – Garlic poking out! Getting closer!

April 16th – Dylan spreading manure. Nice warm week, we’re getting lots done!

April 18th – A small selection of seedlings are available on the front porch self serve. Please check our website […]

Self-Serve Porch offerings begin

With winter in full rout, our fields thawing and slowly drying, the unmistakable color and aroma of freshly turned earth evident in the high and dry areas of the farm, we embark on another season. Our overwintered parsnips have been dug, and are available on the front porch self-serve. They are incomparably tender and […]

March 2015 Newsletter

The dead season appears to be loosing its grip on Concord at last, though I’m sure that we will continue to stumble across dirty little piles of winter in hidden corners for awhile yet. Our greenhouses, oblivious to the still wintry landscape, are rapidly filling with a carpet of hopeful green: thousands and thousands […]

Around the farm, March 2015

March 12th – We might still be covered in snow, but the prop house is humming with the early signs of spring!

March 19th – The master at work – John pruning the liberty apples. Nice day out in the orchard – a lot less windy than […]

Around the farm, February 2015

February 4th – Well this is a new perspective on the orchard….

February 12th – The van’s getting taller… Ready for more this weekend?!

Around the farm, January 2015

January 8th – Time to start thinking about 2015 farmers’ markets… The Central Square annual farmers meeting is today- nice to see all our fellow farmers looking a little more rested than usual!

January 28th – Well, we got some snow… Time to dig out! Hope everyone is safe and […]

Around the farm, December 2014

December 15th – Self Serve is winding down

December 27th – Happy winter solstice everyone! Shortest day of the year is tomorrow

Around the farm, November 2014

November 2nd: It’s starting to snow?! Last day of the farmstand this season.

November 3rd: Pictured above is some of the fall crew, a heartfelt thank you to all of our spring, summer and fall crews: Sarah, Colin, Ronnie, Conor, Abby, Ellen, Katie, Danielle, Cassandra, Phil, Ramon, Ryan, Patrick, Sam […]

Thank you Hartney Greymont!

For those of you driving out to the farm today – you might notice the Hartney Greymont arborists pruning our beautiful iconic oak down in the field- thanks guys!