August 2016 Newsletter - Tomatoes are here!

Part of my job description at the farm I worked at before Hutchins involved giving occasional farm tours to various groups of people. These tours were generally off the cuff, unscripted affairs with questions entertained and answers attempted. On one particularly memorable occasion I was asked where I lived, which I answered by pointing […]

March Newsletter 2016

With the weather wildly careening from warm to wintery, the calendar tells us it’s time to think about the growing season. Already, we’ve taken advantage of the dry, temperate weather to get some fields worked up, and our greenhouses are starting to fill with eager little plants. Last year’s persistent lack of precipitation means […]

Bulk Signups and Last Day 2015

Just a short note to let you all know that our annual bulk carrot and potato sign-ups will officially begin today, Saturday the 3rd of October. As usual, we’re taking names from folks who are interested in picking up one (or more) 25lb bags of carrots ($28 per bag) and/or one (or more) […]

John Bemis Retirement Announcement

August 24, 2015

After 40 plus years as co-manager of Hutchins Farm with his brother Gordon, John Bemis retired at the end of May this year. Gordon is now the sole manager of Hutchins Farm LLC.

John thanks the Town of Concord and the generations of Hutchins customers for their years of support. He […]

August 2015 Newsletter

The dry fever of July has broken to cool, damp August mornings that seem already to whisper of autumn—but tomatoes, which to some (me) are the very emblem and embodiment of summer, are just now beginning to be abundant. In fact, apart from peas, basil, strawberries and blueberries, all now lamentably done for the […]

Around the farm, June 2015

June 1st: Rain! Oh boy did we need this…

June 4th: The hairy vetch cover crop is blooming!

June 9th: Well look who’s guarding the onions at the Peter Spring fields…

June 16th: Garlic scape season is here! Pesto time!

June 17th: All […]

Around the farm, May 2015

May 4th – Getting closer!

May 8th – Strawberries are blooming!

May 11th – Overwintered kale today on the porch!

May 14th – Apple trees blooming.

May 15th – Cukes in the ground!

May 17th – greenhouse full of seedlings

Around the farm, April 2015

April 7th – Overwintered parsnips!

April 13th – Garlic poking out! Getting closer!

April 16th – Dylan spreading manure. Nice warm week, we’re getting lots done!

April 18th – A small selection of seedlings are available on the front porch self serve. Please check our website […]

Self-Serve Porch offerings begin

With winter in full rout, our fields thawing and slowly drying, the unmistakable color and aroma of freshly turned earth evident in the high and dry areas of the farm, we embark on another season. Our overwintered parsnips have been dug, and are available on the front porch self-serve. They are incomparably tender and […]

March 2015 Newsletter

The dead season appears to be loosing its grip on Concord at last, though I’m sure that we will continue to stumble across dirty little piles of winter in hidden corners for awhile yet. Our greenhouses, oblivious to the still wintry landscape, are rapidly filling with a carpet of hopeful green: thousands and thousands […]